Our Services are Person-Centered

Caring for the intellectually disabled presents special challenges because often, these adults also have health issues. The situation varies from one individual to the next. Some may be able to work, some may not. Some may require intensive care while others may only need guidance or assistance.

The definition of a good life may also vary from one adult to another. That’s why Group Effort places great importance on listening and learning what that individual values. We also listen closely to those who know that adult best: the family. What are his or her likes and dislikes? What is the usual routine? What problems have been encountered? What things are on the wish list?

We Listen and Learn

We want to know all the details in order to determine how we can best help to achieve the goals of everyone involved. Once we assess all the factors, we can recommend a care program that’s appropriate for this specific case. That’s why we use the term person-centered.

We believe every intellectually disabled adult should see the world as a welcoming place full of possibilities and opportunities. We want each one to feel confident that someone from Group Effort is there for support and encouragement. We want to see a smile of pride when he or she achieves something no one thought could ever happen. We can make it together.


Our Professional Caregivers Have Big Hearts

We take pride in our team of caregivers at Group Effort. Each candidate for a staff position must pass a thorough background check and go through a training program. Most important, those eligible to join our team are also chosen for their genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of our adult clients. 

Our support services range from day-by-day to a 24/7 basis, depending on individual needs, whether that person is living independently or at home.

Our Services include:

Day Support (Community Based)

Supported Living (Shift Model)

Personal Assistance

Supported Employment

Respite Services