Our Mission

Group Effort is committed to serving individuals with intellectual disabilities by

providing a caring, person‑friendly environment that fosters mutual respect. Our

dedication is based on the core belief is that every individual deserves the

opportunity to live up to his and her full potential.

Our Values

Group Effort strives to deliver excellence in professional and caring services that adhere to our cornerstone of values.

Respect – We believe that every individual has the right to be respected and treated with dignity.

Safety – We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment that allows employees and residents complete freedom of expression.

Innovation – We encourage and support innovative solutions that can positively affect the well-being of our staff and program participants.

Trust – We adhere to a strict code of honesty between our staff and those entrusted to our care.

Diversity – We welcome the unique viewpoints of diverse races, cultures and religions, regardless of individual sexual orientation, education level or economic status.

Enrichment – We want to enrich the lives of each person through ongoing growth and development by addressing individual needs, evaluating results and responding to new challenge